Classes: online, in person and one to one.

The in person classes are run in the Blue Lights Hall in Appledore. Due to the current restrictions they are not happen at the moment.

The classes are run from my Facebook page: Drawing and Painting with Debs Last 

I deliver courses of online art classes on my Facebook page: Drawing and Painting with Debs Last. These are live-streamed and then saved on a private Facebook group. 

Course 6 (10 live streamed classes and zoom coffee sessions) starts on Monday 22nd February.

​All previous sessions of live-streamed classes remain available and access can be purchased as follows:
Course 1 (15 videos): £60 
Course 2 (10 videos): £60
Course 3 (10 videos): £60

Course 4 (10 videos): £60

Course 5 (10 videos): £60

If you wish to join a Livestream session, then these take place on a Monday at 10am (UK time) and on a Friday at 3pm (UK time). These livestream sessions are a  great way to creatively book-end the week. These classes are about me teaching you to be the artist you are, to be the "you-est you" that you can be. They are not about copying my style or just replicating my paintings. I will be encouraging you to find your own voice, be experimental and push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

The dates for the next Livestream Session (Course 5) are as follows:
Monday 11th January until Friday 12th February 2021.
Livestream access to these classes costs £75 for 10 lessons. We will also have some zoom coffee sessions where you can meet others who are doing the course. 

View the course programmes here:
Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
​Course 4

Course 5



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