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Then, at last

MA Contemporary Art Practice Graduates 2020-2021

18 -27 June 2021

The Levinsky Gallery, 

University of Plymouth

Over the last year I have used en plein air painting as a tool to keep me practising as an artist, as a way to ground me. Within my studio I have processed what the pandemic has meant to me as a mother. In the last few months, I have been processing this from drawings done of the children over the internet and in response to the way we are communicating through Messenger and Zoom. These ongoing and as yet unfinished works have been held in place by the rhythm of the daily painting. The pandemic mothering pieces are mixed media, they break the rules of painting and drawing. They can be found in the blog.

In the exhibition are the landscapes and locations that kept me focused. These paintings are quickly done, looking for light and structure. Finding the moment, inhabiting it and then expressing it.

Journey to the MA work 2020

I completed an MA in Contemporary Art Practice at Plymouth University in June 2020. The final semester was completely changed by the Pandemic. It was of course not possible to show the work finally or meet up to celebrate finishing.  These videos show the movies that I put together in place of the 2020 MA show. The second video shows the "test" show that we put on at the Karst Gallery in Plymouth. In many ways, it became the final show. 

Karst Gallery Show

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