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Artist in residencies for 2022

Outside Bucks Mills Cabin

This year I have three artist in residencies.

I can finally announce that I am artist in residence for the Appledore Book Festival in September, which I'm thrilled to be asked to do. This is the first time the Festival has had an artist in residence so I'm honoured to be the first one. I have been working very closely with Artmakers in this respect and there will also be a curated exhibition run by Artmakers.

In August I am artist in residence for the National Trust at Bucks Mills Cabin. I was at this location on Sunday with Chloe and Phia. It's going to be so interesting spending a week here exploring the location.

Next week I'm at Spring Harvest held in Butlins, Minehead where I use art to unpack, explore the theme for the week which for 2022 is Restore, Renew, Rebuild. It means getting up very early each morning to be part of the children's program where we produce a large collaborated piece, then I have one workshop on the Tuesday at which usually gets about 100. I'm planning a visual prayer walk this year. Then in the evenings I work on large pieces that are completed with in about an hour that explores what is being talked about on stage. There are about 5,000 people at this evening event. So lots of planning goes into it all and it's quite full on when I'm there but I love it, there is so much energy and great engaging with all the ideas and thinking around faith. Kathryn Timms is coming with me so I will be very glad of her help and her company, she is the 365 project chaplain anyeay!

Of course alongside this the 365 project continues! I'm now in my 100's of paintings...

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