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Bringing my work together...

The thing I most wanted to achieve over the last three years was finding my consistent style, ensuring my work looked like one person did it across everything that I do: Figure, landscape, storytelling. In many ways the process of taking my work apart during the MA has been a taking apart of all my work, thinking and considering what and why I do what I do on all levels. In these last few weeks there has been a shift in my work. Perhaps an ability to see what is there and has been for a while but is suddenly fully evident. There was a moment this week when a few things were out in the Studio and they all had harmony and for some reason I noticed

that they had. I was working on things in the studio late at night and stood back to look at one thing and could see the whole studio, even the demonstration piece I did for the classes, using Grayson Perry's Alan Measles as a starting point... They looked like a mini exhibition all together, hanging well and having a style and harmony that I'm increasingly excited by.

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