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Considering colour

If I think of the work that I do and the work of others that admire, it is often about colour. Whilst doing the final work for the MA colour has been strangely absent. In these last few weeks I have been teaching an online class about finding your voice as an artist and as I have taught others I have taught myself too. My artist's voice has colour embedded in it. The Bideford Blacks that I have found are important as a foil to the brighter, stronger colours. The black is often the drawing and the colour represents the energy of the work. I enjoy playing with a mix of media, breaking the rules of what can be in one work. Onto this drawing I have worked with watercolour and oil bar. They are chosen not at random but because of the nature and qualities they have to say or do a thing I want to do in that specific part of the work; the softness and flow of a watercolour to describe the delicate skin, the strength of the oil bar for the orange line.

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