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Final taught day of the MA

Yesterday the MA taught program came to an end. I had worked out I could sit in my garden to zoom. The day was idilic. it was wonderful to see the work of Ciara and Antonnia. We broke for lunch and then had an artist talk from Richard Dedomenici. His work was about as far from my practice as is possible, and this is what I have loved so much about the course. It has been so good to exposed to practices and disciplines that are very different to my own. It is inspiring and although much of yesterday was about using film, something I haven't even considered as a medium, it was brilliant to have a window into someone else's creative journey. To see things that are not your own.

As the session closed, there was no sense of leaving as we would have done from the University campus. No suggestion of going to the pub, no walking down the corridor for the last moment. Zoom shut down and I was here, not there, in my garden. Done.

I will be proud and glad another day, but just there in the garden all I could really feel was a great sadness at the close of it all.

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