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New Year, New Challenge!

Today the 365 days of en plein air daily painting started, one down 364 to go! I was so good an important to do the first day with Kathryn, she has been an excellent painting companion already and has committed to going me every Tuesday of the year if she can.

We found this location, near to Dolton where my parents live. It is marked on the map as a place of worship which felt to us like a very good place to start. this rusty shed and garden made in a field felt like a combination of many of the things I will be painting. Dartmoor can be seen in the distance through the tree gaps.

We paused to pray before we started, committing the year and this project to a higher power. I want this project to be less about the products and so much about collaborating and sharing the practice of looking and seeing. The daily practice of committing to to paint and record the day, the weather of the moment I choose and the place I have gone to, I hope will be a rhythm for this year. An exploration and adventure.

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