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The Dilema of Daily Painting

As third lockdown began I have already started the year by beginning a new daily painting project. getting out every day and connecting with the landscape in beautiful North Devon. But it's January and the weather is less than kind most days. I have been cold and wet and at times miserable. So why do it, why keep going out?

It helps me to feel connected to the Earth being out and about and it's mostly a joyful thing to do; stand and look at nature and relish what is there before me. I'm also a little determined to finish what I started in this challenge. I painted en plain air for the whole of lockdown 2 and in 2015 I painted the landscape every day for a year! This has to be possible but at times it's tough and then there is the question of why? Is this research? is this a project on its own right? is it a money making venture? over the next few blogs I need to answer these and other questions.

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