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Transferring the pandemic mothering drawings on to boards.

Last year as we worked on the show for Kast Gallery in Plymouth, testing our work for the MA show, one of the things that proved problematic was that my work was on A0 paper and therefore hard to display. I have been working on board when I paint en plain air so this seemed like a natural development for these works. The planning has been done on paper and I'm keen to keep some of the immediacy and fluidity of the drawings but have the stability of the board. This drawing was started as a demo for my online teaching the beginning of the year where we looked at "art that speak". We studies various artists from Geotto to Greyson Perry. The people on the course found this quite challenging but found amazing ways to approach the ideas and concepts. I had chosen two potential titles, Pandemic Home and Distance. I worked on the idea of my own mothering and being distanced from physical gathering, having to gather on line. This piece is called Gathered. It is centred around the exciting news that my son and his wife are about to have a baby. focusing on sharing the news and seeing her look more pregnant, seeing only the her "bump" as she stands up to show us how the baby is growing. I want to represent this pregnancy and its effect on us as a family and me as a mother in the midst of the Pandemic. To explore the excitement at the new arrival and the loss of not being able to be together.

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