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Tutorial with Mark

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

It was good to get feedback on the essay today and begin to feel like it is getting somewhere. I have the bonus of an essay that is forming into a tapestry of styles and this is what I now need to focus on. we have to submit the abstracts for our presentations next Tuesday. I need to have written much more of the critical context section before I can give my presentation. in fact it needs to be finished. I have been ready so much and now I need to put it down in more than note form. I have just received the book I have been waiting for from abehbooks as I couldn't get it from the library. Telling Bodies, Performing Birth by Della Pollock even with a quick glance is full of things I want to discus.

my world count is already quite high so I'm glad to have the suggestion form Mark to tern the narratives of the subject visits in to images as they would be the "titles" of the works if that are exhibited. Good to know that the essay is going in the right direction and that I have done a lot already. it is good to begin to fully form the idea of the bricolage idea as the structure of the essay is coming together around this idea.

I am enjoying looking at various artists in eluding the work of Indian artist Angolie Ela Menon who I met a number of times whilst living in India. looking back at my own mothering journey has been helpful to understand what I am doing now and how it so closely linked to my journey as an artist.

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