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Abbotsham Cliffs - 27/07/2022

Abbotsham Cliffs - 27/07/2022

Day one of the Art holiday and we were on Abbotsham cliffs. I suggested we connect with the landscape first and spent 30 minutes or so just being on the beach collecting things and assembling them. It was good for me to do this too. I have spent a lot of days just heading into a landscape and grabbing a picture. Less so when I’m with Kathryn or Caroline as we often take more time and often stop first or chat and look… but today we were silently exploring first then secondly drawing single line drawings across three pages of the sketchbook before getting into a painting. It felt good and measured. I wanted to keep the freedom of the single line drawing as I began the painting. It was good to have time for this today.


Oil on board 8 x 10 inches

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