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Bucks Mills Beach - 24/08/2022

Bucks Mills Beach - 24/08/2022

It was supposed to rain a lot more than it did today so I headed down to the beach first thing to be there for low tide and to not get wet. In fact it was so warm I wished I could have swum! I’d forgotten the legs for the pochade box but I think the rock worked rather perfectly! It was lovely being here and listening to the families having so much fun in the rock pools and the sea. It was good to see both Hartland and Lundy. Beautiful subtle colours today. It was lovely and busy in the cabin today with very kind visitors bringing supplies and doing very helpful things to clear the view!! Huge thanks for that! I enjoyed experimenting with the pigments I bought in Clearwell Caves last week. Lovely earthy sienna’s and ochres. 


Oil on board 10 x 12 inches

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