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Cofin Lane - 12/02/2022

Cofin Lane - 12/02/2022

It was hard to get out there today, as I really wasn’t “feeling it”! It Was a shame that I managed to miss the one fleeting bit of sunshine that we had this morning. At times committing to doing this outside every day or at least from life every day, feels a little bit daunting. So I threw everything in the car and drove to the road and just sat there thinking where shall I go on this grey day? And then I remembered that I’ve really enjoyed painting a lane called Coffin Lane which is only about a minute's drive from my house, so I headed down there reversed the car up the muddy lane, and painted under the shelter of the boot! Annoyingly I had forgotten my flask of tea but even so I really, in the end, enjoyed doing this painting.


Oil on board 10 x 12 inches

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