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Portraits and landscape Course 5

Portraits and landscape Course 5

This course contains 10 demonstration videos: 5 on landscape and 5 on portraits.


For this next ten-week course you will be working on two pieces of work, one landscape and one portrait. This will enable you to go deeper into the detail, techniques and processes of producing an artwork. The course starts with selecting an image and composition with clear instructions about choosing materials and what you might do differently if you used other or mixed materials. We continue with the next step each week, taking time to understand each process until the two pieces are finished at the end of the 5 weeks. I hope you enjoy producing the two pieces of work.


These classes are about me teaching you to be the artist you are, to be the "you-est you" that you can be. They are not about copying my style or just replicating my paintings. I will be encouraging you to find your own voice, be experimental and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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