Course 5 online art class

Course 5 online art class

Five weeks of live streamed artclasses, twice a week. Membership to a private Facebook group with feedback from Debs Last and other members of the group. a chance to showcase your work in a safe environment.


This course will have a change of pace. Over the last four courses the structure has tended to be that a single piece of work is done in each session or maybe over two sessions. For this next five week course I want to concentrate on two pieces of work, one portrait and one landscape. This will enable you to go deeper into the detail, technuques and proccesses of producing an artwork. the course will start with selecting an image and composition with clear instructions about the choice of materials and what you might do differently  if you used other or mixed materials.  Each week we will continue with the next step, taking time to understand each process untill the two pieces are finished at the end of the 5 weeks. The intention is to ensure each student recives a  more focused feedback and a chance to really enjoy   producing the two pieces of work.  




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