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Dartmoor in the Summer - 7/06/2022

Dartmoor in the Summer - 7/06/2022

Princetown, Dartmoor was quite bright when we first arrived and decided it was best to have tea, walk the dogs then paint. The walk was a gentle climb up towards Foggintor. As we began our walk back though, we could see the rain coming in and fairly fast! We got back to the car just in time and headed out to paint on the road we drove in on, between Merrivale and Princetown. I should have stayed where we thought we’d go but I wanted to go back to a view that moments before we set up, was really dramatic.  It was dramatic because the mist and rain were coming in and by the time we had set up and started to paint the view had all but disappeared! Kathryn’s response was just “that’s Dartmoor for you!” I think we’ll need to come back again!


Oil on board 10 x 12 inches

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