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Online Art Course: Seascapes and Trees

Online Art Course: Seascapes and Trees

This course contains 10 demonstration videos: Seascapes and Trees 


For this next ten-week course you will look at and be inspired by the great outdoors focusing on Seascapes and Trees. Through we will be using photographs try to use your own images and try also to get outside and paint from life if you can.

The course program lets you know what is coming up in each video and gives you hints as to what materials you might like to use. Be sure to download and print it from your welcome email. 


These classes are about me teaching you to be the artist you are, to be the "you-est you" that you can be. They are not about copying my style or just replicating my paintings. I will be encouraging you to find your own voice, be experimental and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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