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Sunset Over Appledore - 18/03/2022

Sunset Over Appledore - 18/03/2022

Wonderful to be able to sit and watch the sunset on Instow Beach. I’d forgotten my pochade box legs so had to perch the box on a dune and grub about in the sand! Beautiful light and once I’d finished painting and the sun had set the sky went completely orange! Lovely to be here with Chloe and her friend Hanna. We’d had a wedding dress fitting for Chloe in the afternoon which my mum came to so a completely lovely end to a beautiful day 🧡
I enjoyed the light and the brightness of the sun made all the forms of the buildings in Appledore disappear into silhouettes. Started with a burnt sienna line drawing again which is proving to be very helpful.


Oil on board 10 x 12 inches

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