Flower Paintings

These are flower paintings that have been done over the course of a few years. as we head out of lockdown and into a new spring and summer these felt important to share. 

Daily painting project 2021

These paintings are result of daily painting project that takes me in to the local landscape connecting with the beauty of North Devon. As we head into this new and still challenging time these paintings are the embodiment of the link that we have made to the natural world during the pandemic. I have used what3words to help others find the locations I have been painting in so they can walk there themselves of find the location through the app. 

Lockdown 2 painting project

These paintings were all done en Plein Air (outside and from life) on everyday of second lockdown.

En Plein Air Paintings

These paintings are completed outside, painting from life. They inspire what goes on in my studio as well as being artworks in their own right. they have been wonderful to do over the last year as I, like so many others have found  the landscape in our my locality very important to my health and well being. It has also been good to know that posting these paintings to social media has helped others to connect with their outside spaces and enjoy the wonder of the Earth around us. 


©2020 by Deborah Last Artist.