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This large piece on board is beginning to take shape. It has begun to say what I want it to. Most importantly I am investigating the challenges of gathering the family together virtually; finding a time when we are all free even though we are all at home, helping my parents to get onto the right platform and have the iPad in a place where we can see them and not just the tops of their heads or the ceiling, coping with bad wifi in rural locations. There are many challenges just to see one another. The moments that we all meet together are limited. We all do our best. We can't help all talking at once or not at all.

These are the things that are beginning to fill the screen shaped gaps on the big mix media pieces. Out of focus, wonky, strange angled images of my family as we negotiate this form of communication.

I have also begun to work with the orange line, this motif that has become my symbol for a journey of the eye through a landscape or a connection to some part of a landscape painting that I can not walk to or that I walked to a different day. This symbolic line now serves me as a line of energy, a connection between us all. My apron strings perhaps, well severed now but there as a memory in my mind of the journey and connection of my mothering...

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