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Long-listed for the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2022

This is one of the paintings from February this year, part of the 365 daily painting challenge I have set myself. I was so thrilled to have this accolade for a second year in a row. Nearly 40,000 people apply and 400 are long-listed. It feels amazing and unbelievable to be selected two years in a row. I spend a very happy hour enjoying the paintings that are on the long list. It is a wonderful and diverse company of artists. the next day I am a bit crippled by what to paint. ,y work has become looser than the Long- listed painting.. I have introduced an orange under-drawing… should I head back into the style I was doing in February? Should I move along still unpacking my style as always? Of course but I can feel the work might get too tight if I don’t watch out!

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