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Painting at THE wedding!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have passed already since our daughter’s wedding. It was such a perfect day. though people have been amazing at me doing the painting on the day it was in many ways not the hardest one of the week. Other days when we had things to do painting nearly got forgotten! The hardest day was the Sunday after when we were back in Devon, it was all over and I was missing the joy of being with so many members if our wonderful family. I didn’t completely finish the painting as there was lots to do and people to talk to and talking and painting is hard to do! I was listening in on conversations but when someone wanted to properly talk it was time to finish as I could keep painting and listening enough! It’s nice painting with a glass of Fizz though! I chose the view that had the bit of Wadhurst Castle we got ready in and showed some of the colours of the garden. Though there were lots of people on the lawn I just wanted to paint Chloë and Ross. It was good to paint this and have this painting as a record of the day. The pochade box made a great place for people to put their champagne flutes too!

I’m trying

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