Pandemic Mothering: Adding colour and looking for simplicity.

I have begun to translate the drawn pieces onto the boards. There is something I like very much about the works on paper but the impermanence of them feels problematic. I am enjoying the solidity of the board, the connections I feel with Anthony Green's works produced completely without any thoughts of the golden section! No rectangles here. I like that working on these cut boards I have come away from conventional structures, these pieces are unexpected and un-contained, much like this last year has been. Now as I continue to add colour into these Pandemic Mothering pieces I am conscious that I do not want to over complicate them. I can retain the element of drawing but having added Phia to this piece she feels like she is enough. What then to do with the other spaces? I feel a little like I'm heading back to the drawing board. Conscious, too that I would like these to be ready for the 20th May. I wish we could have a pre-crit, critique! But the point of doing the MA was Ito find a confidence in my own practice. So it is about trusting that new found ability and showing up each day until it feel finished and not over worked!