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Pandemic Sketchbook

This pandemic time has not been so hard for us in many ways. We are tucked away in the South West corner of the country in North Devon. The number of people who have been ill from Covid is so small compared to the losses and sorrowful number is large cities. My losses are minimal compared but they are heartfelt. It be apart form family has cut deaply into our family groove. We thrive round tables eating, drinking and chatting. Food is our thing, conversation is natural, there is banter and laughter. Our three are six now and the table is full an noisy. I have missed this easy gathering. I needed a way to connect in a way that wasn’t the rather full on and ”in-you-face” messenger call! Sophia and I spent one happy evening drawing and painting together and the idea was born. Arty sessions with mum! And three months later the pandemic sketchbook is full of wonderful times spent ’hanging out”

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