Online art Classes with Debs Last: Glass and Flowers: starting 19th April 2021

Online art Classes with Debs Last: Glass and Flowers: starting 19th April 2021

Five weeks of live streamed artclasses, twice a week. Starting on the 19th of April 2021

Includes membership to a private Facebook group with feedback from Debs Last and other members of the group. A chance to showcase your work in a safe environment. Two lesson a week and four zoom catchup chats. 

You will need to find the FaceBook page: Drawing and Painting with Debs Last and then on that page you will find the group "Online classes with Debs Last: Flowers and Glass".  Once you have paid your request to join will be accepted. Please request to join the group as soon as possible as it's a bit of a panic if people haven't joined the day of the first live stream going live!


For this next five week course we will concentrate on two pieces of work, one focusing on two subjects: painting flowers and painting glass and reflective shiny surfaces. We will look at a number of artists both traditional and contemporary. This will enable you to go deeper into the detail, techniques and processes of producing an artwork. The course will focus on how to select a subject alongside composition, clear instructions about the choice of materials and what you might do differently if you used other or mixed materials.  Each week we will continue with the next step, taking time to understand each process until the two subjects have been closely investigated over the 5 weeks. The intention is to ensure each student receives focused feedback and a chance to really enjoy producing the two pieces of work. We will have 4 Zoom coffee/chat sessions which will give everyone a chance to ask questions, to show work and get feedback. 

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